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    Posted on May 29 2020

    LATEST UPDATE: The following stores, we are not currently offering oral, nostril or septum piercings. Customers and piercing clients are required to wear a mask when in store. Ballarat Geelong...

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  • FareShare

    Posted on January 23 2020

    FareShare are an organisation based in Melbourne and Brisbane who provide free meals to those in need and most vulnerable.In Victoria they operate a fleet of refrigerated vans which collect...

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  • Exciting stocking stuffers for Christmas

    Posted on December 18 2017

    With Christmas just around the corner, Off Ya Tree have put together a tidy gift guide for the person wanting something a little more interesting than socks and underwear. Whether...

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  • 4 Ways to Accessorise Your Pin Up Style | Off Ya Tree

    Posted on September 18 2017

    Originating in the 50s, Pin Up is one of the most iconic and memorable fashion looks in history. It is rooted in old Hollywood, and has the likes of Bettie...

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  • Back to the future!

    Posted on August 04 2017

    Let’s be honest, great looks never go out of style when it comes to Manic Panic. Everyone will flip out when you change your hairstyle… especially when you’re using a...

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  • Modify Your Look Without the Permanency

    Posted on May 08 2017

    There are so many ways to modify your look without too much commitment on your end. For people who are constantly changing their taste and style, this comes as a...

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  • How to make your outfit unique: Men’s Edition

    Posted on March 31 2017

    Have you ever walked down the street, into a shop, or gone to hang out with your group of friends to find that you are dressed almost too similar to...

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  • Ear Piercing Guide

    Posted on March 15 2017

    You probably hear a lot of names thrown around when talking about ear piercings. Confusing to many, they wander in to the parlour and have no idea where to begin,...

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  • Going Beyond The Earlobe

    Posted on January 31 2017

    Stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a piercing that’s a little bit uncommon, a little bit daring, or a little bit out there, maybe think a little...

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