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About us

Off Ya Tree

Australian leaders in alternative clothing, accessories and body modification...



Off Ya Tree has over 33 stores across Australia and we pride ourselves on being one of the forerunners in the alternative lifestyle and body modification industry.

When it comes to living an alternative lifestyle, Off Ya Tree is able to offer edgy fashion and design. With a variety of clothing, accessories, costume jewellery, body jewellery and smoking paraphernalia Off Ya Tree is one of Australia’s pioneering brands in the alternative world.

Selected Off Ya Tree stores also offer a Punktured Body Piercing and Tattooing studio. We were actually the very first retail store in Australia to offer piercings to customers in Shopping Centre’s. We offer all types of piercing and tattooing in a professional and hygienic manner. It’s the perfect accessory to all the fashion pieces you’ll be picking up on your way out!

Whilst we only adopted the name “Off Ya Tree” about fifteen years ago, we have been around in one form or another for over 30 years.

We also have a large online presence throughout our partner brand The Bong Shop and also our social media channels.