Body Piercing Procedures and Pricing

Make a Statement. Show off Your Style. Rock Custom Piercings

Embrace your individuality and go bold or subtle with custom body piercings that match your vibe. Body piercings never go out of style and there is a diverse range of jewellery for every mood. Walk in to one of the many branches of Off Ya Tree for body piercings and discuss your vision with our experienced piercers. Understand the healing and aftercare process, and you’re ready for your new body piercing!

When you get body piercings, you are literally putting your skin into the hand of the piercer. To get that smooth and even look that you desire, the body piercing needs to be done just right. From standard ear piercings and facial piercings to advanced dermal anchors, you can trust us to support the look you want. Over 25 years, our team has completed over a million piercings. For every piercing we use new needles and medically sterilised jewellery in our hospital-grade studios.

Have you chosen your piercing?

Maybe you know exactly what body piercing you are looking for, or maybe you need some inspiration. Off Ya Tree has got you covered. There are numerous body piercings available and you can match different piercings to create your personal style.

  • Ear Piercings

    A common type of body piercing, ear piercings don’t have to be boring. Suited for all age groups and face shapes, you can experiment with multiple ear piercings to find an ideal combination. Try out a tragus or rook piercing, or even a conch or daith, or simply stretch your lobe piercings. Once fully healed, match or contrast your ear-piercing jewellery and change your look whenever the mood strikes.

  • Facial Piercings

    Go big with a striking facial piercing. Currently all the rage, facial piercings are here to stay. They can instantly transform your look into something edgier and are great for making a statement. Elevate your eyebrow game with a choice eyebrow piercing. Check out nostril or septum piercings for your nose, or get a tongue piercing for the perfect stick-out-your-tongue moments. Adorn your face with lip, labret, smiley, philtrum, or cheek dimple piercings. 

  • Body Piercings

    If you’d rather not have your piercing in full display of the world, then not to worry, Off Ya Tree has piercings for you too. Go old school with an iconic navel piercing that is great for crop tops and days on the beach, and equally fun as a personal look. For those above the age of 18 years, you can check out nipple piercings that are quirky and cool.

  • Specialist Piercings

    For the more adventurous  and experienced piercing connoisseur we have advanced body piercings. Are you ready for industrial, surface, or dermal piercings? Or you might want a hidden secret with a hygienic genital piercing. Our experienced piercers discuss with you your preferences and what piercings will work best for you. When you are ready to be PUNKTURED head instore to Off Ya Tree

What are you waiting for?

With our walk-in body piercing facilities, wide range of piercing options, and experienced piercers, Off Ya Tree is ready when you are. If you have already chosen your desired piercing, visit a store branch near you to get it started. If you are yet to decide on a piercing, stop by anyway! You can discuss your ideas with our piercers and take their guidance on the most suitable piercings.

Enjoy a hole new experience with Punktured Body Piercing – present by OFF YA TREE