Punktured Body Piercing Aftercare

Body Piercing Aftercare: Tips, Tricks, Facts, Fiction, Myths and Misconceptions.

Performing a regular aftercare routine is an important part of ensuring your body piercing heals as best as it possibly can giving you the awesome result you desire. Advice, methods, and products can vary from piercer to piercer, the following information is not a substitute for medical consultation or advice rather what we’ve found works for us and our clients over the past 25 years. If you suspect you have an issue with your piercing please call in to your nearest Punktured studio for a consult.


  • It’s important to remember that aftercare products are not a magical elixir that will heal your piercing all by them selves rather they are to be used to assist the body to do what it already does naturally.
  • Whilst piercings could be viewed and treated as a wound aftercare should be approached just a little differently to ensure the best result possible. We learn from an early age to use antiseptic products, creams, alcohols etc. to treat injuries such as cuts and abrasions these sorts of products are great for their intended purpose but for a piercing, they can be almost too good/strong, these sorts of products can be abrasive to freshly pierced tissue. As most antiseptics/wound treatments are designed and formulated to fight off contaminations and bad bacteria using them on a piercing that has been performed with sterile instruments and jewellery in a health department approved studio could result in the regenerating tissue being mildly burnt as there is not as much to fight off as opposed to a wound, this in turn means the body focusses on the burn more so than the piercing and healing can be prolonged.
  • Punktured recommend purchasing an aftercare solution at the time of your piercing so you have a specially formulated product to best care for your fresh piercing, its important to not overuse the product as introducing excess fluid to the site can cause fluid retention resulting in bumps around the site. To avoid overuse for external piercings we’ve found that spraying your aftercare onto a cotton tip and applying to the site a really effective way of ensuring your piercing gets what it needs.

For oral piercings we recommend using our oral based aftercare spray and spraying in the mouth when ever you eat or drink as well as the use of an alcohol-free mouthwash in conjunction with your regular oral hygiene regiment, avoid spicy foods and uncooked/raw dairy, smoking and drinking alcohol for 2 weeks. It also important that you downsize your initial jewellery to a sorter sterile bar at the one-month mark as the initial bar is larger to accommodate the swelling, if you don’t downsize your oral piercing to excess room left once the swelling subsides can cause issues with migration or contribute to establishing play patterns.

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“Have you been touching it with dirty hands?”

Stop that, your hands contain all kinds of bacteria (700 plus) that you have gathered throughout the day. This is the number one source of contamination.

“Are you turning the jewellery?”

Never turn your jewellery. Turning the jewellery will destroy the platelets (an element of the blood that stops bleeding) from scaffolding (this is what causes the piercing to heal). Turning the jewellery will re-open the wound of the piercing each time as it will destroy the scaffolding.

“Is the jewellery too short/long?”

Short jewellery can cause unnecessary pressure and suffocation of the tissue. This may result in ulceration. If the jewellery is too long the result can be excessive jewellery movement and snagging continuously. This would break down the building blocks of platelet healing.

Have you changed the jewellery?”

Changing the jewellery early will result in the destruction of the fistula creation. This will potentially reset the entire healing process and result in increased chance of infection. Punktured recommends leaving your initial piercing jewellery in for a minimum 8-12 weeks, for oral piercings it is recommended to return in store for a sterile downsize piece of jewellery to be fitted at the one-month mark.

“Have you been in swimming pools or spas with chlorine?”

The chemicals that are in pools and spas are designed to create a homeostasis (sameness) for large bodies of water by killing off bacteria. This is to prevent the spread of disease in pools, these chemicals are designed to kill off the bacteria at a ‘safe level’ hence p.h. Testing. Chlorine sees the little cells in your fresh piercings as bacteria, therefore it may irritate the piercing and prevent it from healing. The chlorine will burn the skin cells. If swimming in choline is necessary, you should wear a waterproof patch to create a seal over the piercing site. It is best to avoid chlorine for at least one month, however, the longer the better.

“Do you wear belts, hats, headphones or clothing that come in contact, rubbing?”

Any rubbing, snagging or friction can cause irritation to the site. This is a common occurrence in navel piercings. Continual friction may also lead to the eventual rejection of the piercing.

“What is your aftercare routine, and what are the products you’re using?”

Harsh chemicals will burn the newly forming cells. This will kill the new cells and potentially create scar tissue (scar tissue is the body’s Band-Aid, it is a wall of collagen).



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