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Adorned with black and silver circular studs, this bag will easily take its place as your go to bag for a day out on a picnic, or heading over to a friends place, or anything that involves occults really. Perfect for carrying a decent amount with Marry Poppins-esc magical 'spacious on the inside slimmer on the outside' power.
In true Sweet Vengeance fashion, 'WITCH' is embroidered on the front in a subtle black. Perfect for those who want to express their true nature without being overly flashy about it.
Handles at the top above the zipper make for easy carrying, but metal rings on either side of the bag allow for the included strap to be attached! Variety is the spice of life after all.

- Heavy duty made
- Adorned along front with black and silver studs
- Metal end rings allow for a strap to be attached