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Pourer Neptune Sapphire With Shot Glass Gift Boxed Extra Thick Pourite

$ 49.95


Product Details

Elegant Dinner Party Pourer. This easy to use Pourer from Pourite will make a stunning addition to your home or commercial bar. Hand crafted from only the finest and most durable glass known to mankind, Borro-Silicate.

Please note: The accented colour of the stem, spout, and plug pictured may not be the colour you receive.

Height - 180mm
Neck Diameter - 37mm
Body Diameter - 70mm
Base Diameter - 75mm

Customers sometimes mistake our range of pourers for bongs. These Pourers are used for liquids such as alcohol, oil and salad dressings. If you're looking for Australia's most trusted range of bongs, please visit our partner site, shipping out of Canberra, Australia at The Bong Shop.