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Pick Your Poison NSFW is the fast paced adult party card game that gets people voting on 'would you rather' situations. Perfect for game nights with friends or family. Get to know them and what terrible decisions they would make!
Brilliant for sparking fun scenario convos with friends about this or that, and watch people attempt to justify their poison!

Each round a new player becomes the judge, that judge combines two cards to make a 'would you rather' situation that every other player must then anonymously vote on, A or B, for either choice.
As the players of that round, you can ask questions to the judge and try to squeeze information out to make the 'correct' decision. Once all players have voted, the judge tally's up the answers, and if the players have majority agreement they win! If not, the judge wins.

Interoperate your own house rules, like drinking guidelines for more fun!

A fast paced card game for 4-10 players, aged 18 and up.


  • 300+ cards
  • Game rules manual in multiply languages