A list of our standard piercings are specified below.
The price is for the procedure only. Jewellery and aftercare is an additional cost.

Basic jewellery starting from $15. Click here to check out our body piercing jewellery.
Aftercare spray is $12.

Facial Piercings:

  • Eyebrow (all angles)
  • Bridge
  • Nostril
  • Septum
  • Cheek
  • Tongue
  • Tongue Frenulum
  • Lip Piercings
  • Snake bite
  • Spider bite
  • Labret
  • Medusa (Philtrim)
  • Beauty spot (Madonna, Marilyn Monroe)
  • Smiley
  • Frowny
  • Dahlia

Ear Piercings:

  • Ear cartilage (helix, pinna, auricle)
  • Tragus
  • Daith (inner helix)
  • Rook (anti-helix)
  • Conch
  • Vertical tragus

Body Piercings:

  • Nipple (18+)
  • Navel

Ear Piercings - $10:

  • Earlobe


    The following list of piercings are more advanced and are not considered a ‘standard’ piercing.
    The price is for the procedure only. Jewellery and aftercare is an additional cost.

      Body and Surface Piercings - $20:

      • Industrial (Scaffold)
      • Surface and Dermal

      Genital Piercings (18+) - $50:

      • Labia
      • Clithood
      • Clitoral
      • Ampallang
      • Apadravya
      • Prince Albert
      • Dydoe
      • Scrotal
      • Frennum
      • Guiche


       Changing Jewellery:

      • Free for standard piercings and if you're purchasing jewellery from us on the day.
      • $10 - $20 for other piercings and jewellery.

      Removing Jewellery:

      • From $5 for a standard piercing and up to $30 for more intricate piercings such as dermals.

      Body Jewellery:

      • We stock a huge range of quality body jewellery to suit all standard and most non-standard sizes.
        Our jewellery includes titanium G23 steel in 316L or higher (available in plain polish, black and Zircon steel (gold colour),
        bio-medically compatible / safe polymers like Bioplast and BioFLEX and gold jewellery ranging from 9 - 20ct.
        We also offer steel, acrylic, wood, horn, bone, synthetic stone and glass plugs, fashion dangle navel bars, replacement parts,
        heavy gauge items and retainers.With up to 20,000 pieces stocked in store, if we don't have it then we are happy to order it in for you.
        If it doesn't exist yet, tell us about your idea and we'll endeavour to find something you'll love!



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