Terms & Conditions

Gift Cards are available for purchase at any Off Ya Tree or Punktured stores and are valid for use in these two stores only. They are not redeemable for any online purchases.

Gift Cards are redeemable for goods and services only, and the balance cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.A Gift Card has no value unless activated in the Issuer’s gift card system and payment has been made.

A Gift Card must be treated as cash as it will not be reissued, refunded or honoured if lost or stolen.

The Gift Card is valid for multiple use until the until balance is depleted or it has reached the expiry date.

If the purchase price exceeds the balance of the Gift Card, the gift card holder must pay the difference using another payment method. No change will be given and any balance on the Gift Card may only be used in whole or part against future purchases.

The Gift Card will expire 3 years from the date of purchase. Unused balances will remain on the card and are not redeemable for cash.