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Collectif Rebel Kate Jeans

$ 74.95
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Tripp NYC Zebra Skinny Jeans Tripp NYC Zebra Skinny Jeans Quick View

Tripp NYC Zebra Skinny Jeans

$ 20.00

We Have a Great Selection of Alternative and Punk Women’s Pants 

We here at Off Ya Tree love it when people aren’t afraid to be themselves. If someone wants to dress how they feel, or act the way they want, that’s great, we respect that. If a girl wants to live an alternative lifestyle and isn’t afraid to show it, the people at Off Ya Tree salute you. 

Therefore, we have a range of punk and alternative women’s pants and shorts that perfectly compliment this ulterior style of living. Stuff that you wouldn’t find in your average department store – stuff they’d be too afraid to stock. 

Take a look at our extensive range of pants and shorts and fit the perfect accompaniment for you, and if you get the chance, come into one of our many locations across Australia and find even more awesome gear that is suitable for any occasion. 

Our awesome range of pants and shorts 

Off Ya Tree has specially-curated an awesome range of pants and shorts for any girl who isn’t afraid to be who they want to be inside and out. We have pants and shorts for any occasion and a wide range of patterns including zebra, argyle, and snake skin. 

All our pants come from renowned alternative garment designers like Tripp NYC, Killstar, and Sweet Vengeance. Feel free to browse our collection of women’s tees and tops as well, we guarantee you’ll find something you’re after.