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Dvnt Bolt Skirt


Dvnt Bear Skirt


Get Your Wardrobe Set with Our Collection of Alternative Skirts

At Off Ya Tree we’re all about alternative lifestyles. We love it when people aren’t afraid to proudly show that they are punk, metal, gothic, or rockabilly. While many may think that the heydays of some of these subcultures are gone, anyone who will proudly sport a vintage rockabilly dress is alright in our books. 

Therefore, we have an awesome collection of alternative dresses for any girl who goes against the grain and refuses to buy their getups from other *cough cough* more conformist sources, not naming names – but there are many. 

Check out our range and find the perfect skirt for you, and feel free to come into our store where our range is even more extensive. You’re bound to find something that you love: our skirts are from international designers and are as much beautiful pieces of art as they are clothing. They are pieces you will want to keep for a pretty damn long time. 

Our extensive range 

Off Ya Tree stocks an awesome collection of dresses from renowned names such as Folter Faces, Steady Clothing, Sweet Vengeance, and Killstar. Our dresses are perfect for wearing out on any occasion: birthdays, gigs, rockabilly revival fests, wherever. 

We have an amazing variety of styles, colours, and designs available and we do this so that there is really something for everyone at our store. Browse through our extensive collection below.