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Curved Barbells

Curved Barbells can be used for Eyebrow, Cartilage, Rook, Navel, Webbing (including smiley), Anti Tragus, Snug, and a variety of Genital Piercings. Curved Barbells have two externally threaded balls. They have a simple, symmetrical look which looks rad on everyone.

Curved Barbells are measured by length in mm from the inside of each ball (in a straight line). Gauge is used to measure the thickness of the bar. The size of the bar will depend on the location of the piercing, and your personal anatomy (everyone is different). Contact Chris on our online chat for some quick tips on how to measure your jewellery size.

Our body jewellery is available in Titanium and Surgical Steel. Titanium is the highest grade jewellery, as it is much lighter than Surgical Steel (a third of the weight), meaning it will put a lot less pressure on the piercing. Titanium is also nickel and copper free, meaning that it is less prone to irritation and suitable for sensitive skin and new piercings.

Our Surgical Steel is 316L Grade, meaning that it is a medical grade metal and suitable for most people.