OFF YA TREE - Body Piercing

Why choose Punktured?

For over 25 years Punktured Body Piercing has been an industry leader in the body art realm with 22 professional piercing studios across Australia and over 1 million services performed. Providing safe, hygienic, aesthetically awesome services with a focus on giving our clients a positive, unique, alternative experience is what we are all about!

First established in 1996 it was Punktured who paved the way for professional body piercing to offered on a large scale at multiple locations. We were the first to establish a health department approved body art studio in a shopping center environment breaking new ground for the industry and setting the standard for others to follow.

From the beginning we have insisted on implementing, maintaining, and superseding the highest standards of hygiene, service and experience including.

  • Well trained and experienced piercing practitioners who have met our rigorous expectations.
  • Up to date instruments and equipment to ensure all procedures are carried out correctly and with the most recent innovations and standards.
  • Constant revision and further education by our practitioners to ensure we are up to date with the latest techniques and practical data.
  • Advanced first aid training for all our practitioners to ensure they are equipped to handle any scenarios that may arise.
  • Compliance with the relevant health laws to ensure a sterile environment that would rival any Australian medical surgery.


                                                Punktured Body Piercing                                               Body Piercing


Punktured offers a full range of body piercing services varying from basic ear lobe, nostril, and other popular facial piercings through to skilled procedures such as industrial piercing, surface and unique dermal implants but we don’t stop there!! Our highly trained staff can also help you with advanced 18 + intimate piercings for those feeling a little more adventurous.

Our studios meet, maintain, and exceed AS/NZ standards for skin penetration practices including, cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation, training, and record keeping as per AS/NZ 4815. Our purpose-built body piercing clinics are equipped with professional sterile instruments, hospital grade disinfection products and sterilisation equipment. We only use sterile single use needles each service, and we also offer a wide variety of surgical and implant grade jewellery for your initial piercing and further options to change up your look once healed.

Our Professional Practitioners receive immediate and ongoing training, assessment, and development so we can ensure every client that visits Punktured can be safe in the knowledge that they are in a safe and hygienic environment that is compliant with AS/NZ standards and in the hands of an experienced piercer that is thoroughly versed in standards, policies and procedures relevant to, WHS, aseptic technique, cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation practices, body piercing techniques, healing, aftercare and bedside manner to make our clients experience the best it possibly can be!

From our inception, Punktured has been recognised by the numerous Councils and Health Departments that we deal with as being one of the best in our field. As a result, we have often been asked for and given advice to various Health Agencies in relation to how and why certain procedures should be conducted including being the primary consultant for the standardisation and regulation of body art practices to the Victorian government.

You can find a Punktured Body piercing Studio inside every Off Ya Tree Australia wide so call in and see our rad team for a Hole new Experience.