The Thin Green Line

Who are The Thin Green Line?

The Thin Green Line Foundation provides vital support to Wildlife Rangers, their families and communities who are the front-line of conservation.

The Thin Green Line's mission

Every day, Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife and wild places from poaching and other threats. Sadly, it’s estimated that over 1,000 Rangers have been killed in the line of duty over the past 10 years – a large percentage of these are due to commercial poachers and armed militia groups. Rangers are generally under-equipped, underpaid, and often under-appreciated. We think they are heroes, and The Thin Green Line work tirelessly to provide them with the support they need to continue to protect threatened species around the world.

Working with ranger groups, ranger associations and concervation partners in over 60 countries, The Thin Green Line provides professional training, as well as equipment and financial compensation to Ranger's families if they die in the line of duty.

Off Ya Tree is moving in a more ethical and environmentally conscious direction, we have partnered with the Thin Green Line to bring our customers a way to contribute to both our community and environment.
With every Thin Green Line X Off Ya Tree/Punktured Charity Tote bag purchase - $1 is donated to The Thin Green Line to provide critical funding to a wide range of frontline projects and programs worldwide.