The dangers of stud guns for “Body Piercings”

The dangers of stud guns for “Body Piercings”

The Stud Gun that is used for piercing ear lobes has long been associated with piercings but what you may or may not know is that whilst it is used to pierce ear lobes the stud gun is actually not part of the Professional Body Piercing Industry, any self-respecting piercing professional will strongly discourage the use of these instruments in any format.


The development and implementation of the stud gun dates back more than 40 years, interestingly its development stems from the livestock industry specifically the instrument that is used to apply tags to the ears of livestock, sounds brutal right?! Over the years this instrument has undergone many developments and facelifts, but its core technology has stayed the same, the stud gun utilizes brute force to drive the earring through the tissue.

Can Stud guns be used for piercings other than earlobes?

Definitely not!!!!! The stud gun uses brute force to drive the jewellery through the ear lobe as it is designed to do. This does not promote the best results however in soft tissue like the ear lobe it can be minimally effective however the use of a stud gun for anything other than lobes is extremely dangerous, the density and makeup of tissue on other parts of the body vary greatly, the use of a stud gun in any other areas than the lobe can cause damage to this tissue resulting in it collapsing, swallowing the jewellery, keloid scarring, and potentially infection. The jewellery that is used in stud guns is only appropriate for lobes and does not provide sufficient room for swelling and draining, it is also made from materials not appropriate for “body piercing”. It is also important to note that the stud gun itself is used over and over from client to client and it is not able to be effectively sterilized to AS/NZ standards which presents a high risk of contamination that could lead to infection.

Why is piercing with a needle safer?

Design, precision, and sterility!!!! Whilst a needle may sound scary, they make the piercing process much more pleasant but more importantly safer! Body Piercing needles are specifically designed to gently “part” the tissue as opposed to the blunt force trauma of a stud gun (almost like a stapler), this means less trauma to the tissue and infinitely better healing results, needles are strictly single-use, they come sterilized as per AS/NZ standards and are disposed of immediately after use in specially designed receptacles.

Piercing lobes of children:

Standards regarding consenting ages for ear lobe piercing do tend to vary depending on the business and their specific state legislation. At Punktured we only pierce with single-use needles, as we use this method it is technically deemed a “body piercing” because of this definition we legally cannot pierce any children under 10 years of age as per consenting law requirements.

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Brendan, Punktured.